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About me

HELLO! I’M Jerene Dildine.

Five years ago, I almost died from shame.

I was assaulted, stalked, psychologically abused and publicly humiliated.

The stress from this trauma kept me in a prison of fear and self-criticism so debilitating, I wanted to be dead.

Daily life did not feel doable. I hated what I saw in the mirror. I was constantly afraid of being “found out” and constantly afraid someone was trying to hurt me. Normal tasks like going to the grocery store felt intolerable.

The cognitive load of carrying a secret kept me from truly engaging with people around me. PTSD made me an irritable lunatic. I was barely living.

When I couldn’t find a book to help me with my problem, I began writing advice to myself. I wrote about how not to care what people thought of you. I wrote about falling in love with yourself as you are.

I wrote about conquering all the little stressors that can add up to make you miserable, and how to live in precisely this moment – not with irritability, but with peace.

I hodge-podged together brain science, mindfulness meditation, and self-care tips. This site is a curation of some of these writings.

If you are suffering from self-doubt, from always feeling like you’re not good enough, from nit-picking your appearance and your accomplishments, it’s my wish that you can find relief.

It is my hope that you can disengage from pointless (although commonplace) stressors and find real bliss in your day.

It is my passion that you be free from addictive, negative thinking that makes you suffer.

It has been my job as an esthetician to help people be pretty, but it’s now my mission as a survivor to help people adore who they are.

When I figured out how to love myself absolutely with no condition, I liked what I saw in the mirror again.

Beauty Behind the Brows is about releasing shame and stopping ugly thinking. It’s about not believing the lie that having or being something more or different will make you happy. It’s about glowing in this moment.


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