How To Slay the Stress Dragon – Beauty Behind the Brows
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How To Slay the Stress Dragon

How To Slay the Stress Dragon

Fight, Flight or Freeze!


Notifications are the new wooly mammoths.


Each time your phone alerts you to a new follower or special sale, stress chemicals are released into the body to prepare you to fight or flee the danger.


You think you’re able to ignore all the dings and buzzes, but your body can’t.


Biologically, we haven’t adapted to modern stresses, let alone being “on” 24/7.


2017 is the 10th birthday of:


The Kardashians (keeping up with them)
Netflix streaming
the world in your pocket at all times, aka, the iPhone


Just a decade ago, we didn’t check email right before we fell asleep (in bed) and immediately upon waking (before getting up to pee).


We did “nothing” without FOMO.


I looked at my friends’ less-than-perfect vacation photos while they told me stories, not judgingly by myself late at night.


Why can’t I stop looking at my phone when I know I should go to sleep?


We are wired to look for puzzles to solve.
We are driven to seek novelty.

Pair these survival urges with the smartphone, and it’s no wonder we are all anxious insomniacs.


Even though technology is a phenomenal tool, it also brings stress-inducing trends like:

  • multitasking
  • comparing ourselves to others
  • news media sites that profit from inciting fear and anger
  • social isolation
  • the nagging feeling of never finishing a day’s work




You don’t need to be informed that 7-eleven is offering free coffee when you buy a breakfast burrito.


STOP being poked and prodded each time you have a new follower or a new comment.


Unsubscribe from every email that isn’t adding to your life, especially the ones that send you 3 a day. Groupon, we’re on to you.


The day after I mass-unsubscribed I woke up feeling eerily calm and free.
Even though it was a busy Wednesday, it felt like a breezy Sunday.
Fewer people were demanding my attention.


Don’t let pointless noise freeze you with overwhelm.
Flee the noisy chaos so you have the time and focus to fight for what matters to you.


-Jerene Dildine

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