You Are Not The Problem – Beauty Behind the Brows
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You Are Not The Problem

You Are Not The Problem


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Do you start worrying about your day?


Don’t feel bad if you do. It’s normal to wake up worrying. Thank your brain for being good at survival.


If you worry about work, what his text meant, what’s in your bank account, what you should wear, what you should do, buy, eat – that’s great!


What a good brain you have!


Your brain loves to solve problems. We get feel-good chemicals from decoding detective novels, sudokus and escape rooms.

There is big reward for solving mysteries and cracking head-scratchers.


The reward is so enjoyable, if there weren’t any riddles to solve, your brain would go looking for some.


The (literal) problem is, the closest problem to solve at any given moment is you. You are a problem-solver’s fantasy.


There are a million things wrong with you.


It just so happens that there are millions of things to buy to fix those problems.

In 1915 we learned we had a problem with objectionable underarm hair. (Blame sleeveless shirts.)


In the 20’s it became fashionable to tan because Coco Chanel accidentally got burned being rich and fabulous on a yacht. It used to be low-class to be bronze, now it’s a problem to be pasty (in my culture).


In the 40’s, we got super self-conscious about our legs. (Blame the conservation of skirt fabric & nylon for the war).


If you’ve ever looked at a magazine, you are reminded, page after glossy page, of your many problems.


Pay close attention the next time your brain is itching to solve a puzzle.


Notice how it lands on you, when you catch yourself in the mirror.  How many problems do you see when you look in the mirror?


Notice how fixated it gets when it sees a photo of you. Your brain won’t let you rest without finding conundrums.


But your appearance isn’t a problem to solve, my friend. You’ve just been trained your whole life to look for them there.


Say, “thank you,” to your brain for being so active and for looking for fun riddles, but that’s not its job when it sees your reflection.


What if we directed all that marvelous energy toward a real problem?


Don’t let the “irregularities” on your flesh suit distract you from¬†solving a legit puzzle that will make an actual difference in this life.


– Jerene Dildine

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